Share Your World

ViewR is a position tracked wifi streaming solution for sharing VR.
Available on Android and PC VR, ViewR bridges the gap between VR and the real world, providing the best spectator experience for VR.


ViewR sends your inputs to the game. With developer support, ViewR enables asymmetric gameplay possibilities.


Tracking is important in VR.
Local tracking on supported devices enables simple use of ViewR.
Trackers bring older devices to the party too.

Available Now!

Download link and instructions @here.

Frequently Asked Questions

(last updated: 15/10/2018)

What will I need?

You'll need an Android device, a Windows VR setup (eg. Vive or Oculus), and maybe a tracker.

Where's the SDK?


Why did you make this?

Have you ever seen someone playing VR? It looks like this.

Will ViewR cost money?

The SDK (ViewR SDK) is free for use in video games. Support, feature requests, and enterprise integration will cost money.

The basic app (ViewR) is also free, paid features will be added later.

What does it work on?

Android 4.4 (KitKat) devices or higher for now. @these devices are capable of tracker free positioning. Performance will vary in the obvious way depending on the specs of your phone. We've been using a Samsung Galaxy S8 and a Google Pixel for development, and the lowest end phone we've tested has been a Galaxy S4 running Lineage OS (Nightly Build). Let us know how well it works for you, we'll be making efforts to optimise our code.

Does this only work for phones?

No, it works for tablets as well.

iOS, when?

Maybe sometime next year? It's on our roadmap.

OSX, when?

Also on our roadmap.

How many devices can use this at once?

Currently, the servers are limited to 4 devices at once, but your mileage may vary depending on your access point.

When I use it, mum can't watch Netflix anymore. Why?

ViewR is fairly WiFi intensive. We suggest an access point capable of 802.11n or higher with as few devices connected as possible.

For best results, we would suggest an access point capable of MU-MIMO 802.11ac, with only MU-MIMO capable devices connected.

Can I interact with the scene through your mods?

The mod only allows basic viewing functionality. We don't want to interfere with the gameplay that was carefully designed by the developers. Any interaction will have to be implemented by the developers themselves (go make some noise).

Does this only work for VR?

No, you can use it for other kinds of games as well. ViewR works as additional input for other players. We're currently adding additional support to those features too.

Can I record video?

Sorta? To make some of our videos, it's currently hacked into the SDK (ie. it crashes and isn't very user friendly). Click @here for details. A much more user friendly version will be coming out in our next update.

Can I take photos?

Also planned for our next update.

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